.6Ct Rhodium Plated Clear Marquise Snowflake Earrings
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.6Ct Rhodium Plated Clear Marquise Snowflake Earrings


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This rhodium plated pair of snowflake earrings highlights multiple 2-4mm marquise shaped clear CZ stones designed to stun. This easy accessory is designed to highlight and frame a rosey snow-kissed complexion by drawing attention to its sharply cut design. Ring in the new year with a touch of winter accoutrement sure to wow your loved ones.

  • Base Metal: Brass
  • Style: Holiday
  • Materials: Cubic Zirconia
  • Stone Cut: Marquise
  • Carat Weight: .6 Ct
  • Color: Clear
  • Plating Color: Silvertone
  • Stone Size: 4mmx2mm
  • Weight 1 kg





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